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As an employee of Texas A&M University, you have various identifiers (accounts) established in order to identify you and to gain access to Information Technology (IT) resources.

The two main identifiers assigned to each employee are:

Network Identification (NetID) - a unique alpha numeric identifier (username) assigned to gain access to central university and departmental supported Information Technology (IT) resources.  Individuals are able to self select a unique NetID.  Care should be exercised in making this selection, as your NetID will be a major identifier used throughout your career at the university.  It is the identifier by which you will be known to those with whom you communicate electronically.  This identifier is claimed and maintained through the Aggie Account Gateway.  More.

Universal Identification Number (UIN) - a unique nine digit number assigned to student applicants, employees, students, or affiliates upon which all other identifiers are based.  Employees receive this identifier from their departmental HR Liaison representative.  Each employee or student should have only one UIN assigned.  More.