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File Store Backups

Files stored in the College file servers (Home drive, Shared drive, and/or Universal drive) are backed up and maintained by Liberal Arts IT professional staff. Incremental backups are kept for 30 days. After that time, Liberal Arts IT staff do not have the ability to recover or restore a file to a previous version or to a previous point in time.

Data stored on local desktop devices or college research storage are not backed up.  Check with your departmental IT professional if you are unsure of the backup status of your files.

Data Protection & Security

Maintaining a secure IT environment takes constant work, vigilance and effort. Best safety practices should always be followed to protect your data and your personal identity. Liberal Arts IT makes every effort to maintain a safe environment.  Laptop and mobile device users should use extreme caution to maintain the security of devices entrusted to them as thousands of electronic devices are lost every year due to theft and/or carelessness.

A comprehensive review of IT security services and best practices.

Do NOT send personal, confidential or sensitive information via email.  Use Filex instead.

General help associated with a variety of security related topics is also available.

Connect to Liberal Arts Network Drive-WindowsOSThomas, Sunshine NJul 01, 2019
Connect to Liberal Arts Network Drive-LinuxOSLiberal Arts IT ProfessionalJul 01, 2019
Connect to Liberal Arts Network Drive-MacOSThomas, Sunshine NJul 01, 2019
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