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This is a document storage and retrieval system used by many colleges within TAMU. It was designed to facilitate the processing of applications, especially for graduate students, transfer students and applicants for re-admission.  It is supported by the Provost IT department to assist the Office of Admissions and Records, hence the OAR.

Old Equipment: > six years oldAs a practice, Liberal Arts IT will not support devices that are more than six (6) years of age.  Technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace and it becomes more and more difficult to find hardware parts and software drivers for older equipment.   

This college guideline recommends that computer equipment that is either no longer in use or does not meet minimum requirements be surplused. This is designed to insure that college IT resources are capable of being properly updated, secured and compliant.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be able to function properly with supported operating systems (Win10, OSX 13-14)
  • Must be able to receive updates from Microsoft, Apple and the college WSUS server
  • Must be able to receive group policy and SCCM policies for security controls

For computers that can neither be compliant nor replaced, network connectivity may be revoked.

When a device’s manufacturer warranty has expired, the faculty or department will assume the cost of any necessary replacement parts.

Liberal Arts IT is under no obligation to support devices that do not meet minimum security requirements.

If you have questions or concerns, please email and a professional will reach out to discuss this with you. Alternatively, you may contact the Director of Liberal Arts Information Technology.

Personal Computers

Personal computers are not a part of what Liberal Arts IT supports.  Some IT professionals may elect to assist depending on the scenario but they do so independent of their work for the college.  Liberal Arts IT will be happy to extend some direction if requested.