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You will need to know your copier code to complete this installation. If you do not know your copier code, contact the PSYC Department administrative office. Liberal Arts IT does not keep records of copier codes.

  1. OpenWindows  Windows Settings by clicking the start menu and clicking the settings icon or by pressing Windows Key ()I.


  2. Choose the Devices category.

  3. Choose Printers & scanners from the Devices pane then click Add a printer or scanner.

  4. In the list of printers choose either PSYC Department Large Copier on CLAPRINT or PSYC Department Small Copier on CLAPRINT depending on which copier you want to add. Then click Add device.

  5. Wait for the printer to install. Once you see Ready under the copier you selected, click the copier's name under the Printers & scanners section. Then click Manage.


    If you do not see the Manage option under the copier, close Windows Settings by clicking the X in the upper left corner then reopen it and navigate back to the Printers & scanners page.

  6. Choose Printing preferences.

  7. Note

    The next steps are different depending on which copier you selected. Ensure you follow the correct steps for the copier you are trying to add.

    • For PSYC Department Large Copier, choose the Valid Access tab, and enter your copier code in the User Code box. Then click OK.

    • For PSYC Department Small Copier, choose the Detailed Settings tab, then click Job Setup in the Menu pane. Enter your copier code in the User Code box, then click OK.

  8. You have successfully installed the copier. If you are unable to print, double check the copier code you entered is correct.